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RV Gear & Recommendations

Below are links to a number of products and services that make our full-time RV life easier, more fun, or better in some way. Many of the links are affiliate links, which means if you use one of the affiliate links to buy one of these products, we will get compensation in some form, and you will get an awesome product – it’s a win win!

Also, feel free to let us know if you have any questions about any of these products or services, I’d be happy to chat about them.

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RV Services

Virtual Mailbox & Mail Scanning with Traveling Mailbox

After researching the available options, we signed up for Traveling Mailbox to help us manage physical mail while on the road. They offer a wide variety of cities to choose from for mailing addresses, a number of different pricing options depending on your needs, and affordable and fast service. If you sign up for Traveling Mailbox using my referral link, I will be compensated with 10% of your subscription value.

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Discount Camping Rates from Passport America

A discount club that gives you 50% off rates at participating campgrounds. Over 1,800 RV Parks and campgrounds participating. If you sign up for Passport America with my link I will receive free membership months.

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Boondockers Welcome


Boondockers Welcome is a service that facilitates communication between RV travelers and hosts who are willing to let them stay on their property for free. They have a website with a nifty search tool that allows you find hosts, read more about them, their accommodations, and their reputation on the platform. Learn more about our experiences with this awesome service in this blog post.

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Amazon Prime

I know, it doesn’t sound like an RV service – but I have used our Amazon Prime account more in the past year than ever before. It is really great having 2 day shipping options no matter where you are in the country, and being able to grab a product without worrying about exploring nearby stores. If you are considering full time RV living, you might consider the upgrade for the convenience it adds to this lifestyle.

Google Fi Cell Phone Service


Carrie and I have both been using Google’s FI phone service for a few years now, and it makes for a really good wireless plan while RV traveling. Our phones are able to automatically connect to Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular towers, giving us really good coverage in most areas of the country. The plans cost a baseline of $20/month, much lower than pretty much any other plan on the market, and you add on the cost of any data you use.

Most of the time we are connected to WiFi provided by our unlimited mobile hotspot, so we don’t use a lot of cellular data, keeping the FI cell phone plan costs low. If you’re curious about trying FI, use my link to give both of us a $20 statement credit.

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Thousand Trails Camping Membership


Many full-time RVers are members of Thousand Trails. Their annual camping pass gets you a ton of camping at included campgrounds with no nightly fees. It can be a great membership to have if you’re in the right areas of the country. While in Northern California we have been staying at a Thousand Trails campground as monthly guests, and we’re really enjoying it. If you buy the camping pass through my link, you should receive a $100 discount, and I will get at least $50.

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RV Gadgets & Products


Portable RV EMS/Surge Protector & Electrical

Every RV should be outfitted with some kind of surge protector – you never know how the pedestals will be wired in the various campgrounds and parks you stay at. This EMS unit not only protects against surges, but a variety of other common electrical problems. We have been happily using our 50 amp EMS every day since moving into our trailer.

I’ve also included a link to the Harbor Freight generator we now have (although you are likely better off buying it directly from Harbor Freight!), and a few other electrical accessories we carry with us.

50 Amp EMS

30 Amp EMS

RV Tote Tank & Waste System Accessories

If you ever want to stay for a bit longer at a campground that doesn’t offer full hookups, or you are mooch-docking with friends or family, a waste tote tank can make life easier. Instead of moving the entire RV every time a tank is full, you can tote it to an acceptable dump location. We have the 36 gallon tote, and love it!

We also have and recommend the Camco brand sewer hoses and other waste system products listed below.

Exterior WiFi Antenna & Networking Equipment

Having multiple internet options is always preferable when you’re nomadic. In addition to our mobile internet hotspot, we have this affordable exterior WiFi antenna set up to pick up nearby WiFi networks and bring those connections into our trailer. Probably best reserved for other computer nerds, it requires a bit of setup to get working, but it has helped us stay connected wherever we go! We also bought the fancy 75 foot shielded ethernet cable and MikroTik access point below as part of our install.

Misc. Interior: Mini Dehumidifiers, Vacuum, Humane Mouse Traps

In a number of locations we’ve needed to run two of these small dehumidifiers to avoid condensation issues on the inside of the trailer. With two of these running 24/7, the humidity inside of our trailer has been ideal – and they easily fit on a countertop or an out of the way place, especially compared to larger dehumidifier units.

We also bought a compact/collapsible vacuum that is the perfect size for the trailer – it easily fits in our coat closet. We’ve also successfully captured a few pesky mice with the humane mouse trap linked below.

Misc. Exterior: Wireless Backup Camera, Telescoping Ladder, Wash Accessories

With such a large RV, I wanted more visibility behind the trailer while driving and backing up. We’ve been very happy with the wireless Furrion camera system.

Also with such a large trailer and 4 slideouts, we need to carry a portable ladder. I have been very happy with my telescoping aluminum ladder for maintenance and washing the RV. It isn’t quite as sturdy as a traditional ladder, but you can’t beat the small amount of space it takes up when collapsed. I’ve also included a link to the perfectly sized electric pressure washer and orbital waxer I use when washing and waxing the rig.

Portable 12 Volt Air Compressor & Tire Accessories

We wanted to be well-equipped in the case of a flat tire or blow-out. We have a 12 volt portable air compressor with a 120 PSI working pressure for filling big RV and truck tires, as well as all the pieces necessary to change over to a spare and keep the tires at the right pressure.

Cell Phone Signal Booster from WeBoost


Using a mobile hotspot or a phone tether for internet while you’re on the road? You’ll definitely want a WeBoost cell phone signal booster. We have the “RV” system, and it has worked amazingly in a number of locations. For us it is often improving a non-existent 1-bar signal to 4-5 bars of service and a workable download speed. If you buy a system directly from WeBoost, I will receive a $20 kickback.

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Tuft & Needle Matress

We very happily trashed the uncomfortable mattress that came with our RV and replaced it with a nice firm foam mattress from Tuft & Needle. If you are in the market for a new mattress and you prefer a slightly more firm sleeping experience, I definitely recommend them.

Personal Finance

If you know me, you know I’m a huge personal finance nerd. Much of my current freedom and happiness can be at least partially attributed to the fact that I focus on personal finance and financial independence. Below are some of the personal finance services and tools I love using.


Budgeting with You Need a Budget Software


Carrie and I have both been budgeting with YNAB for many years. It has transformed how we track expenses and is an essential tool for keeping track of our financial lives while working variable-income jobs and adjusting for big swings in our monthly expenses. YNAB is one of my favorite tools to recommend to personal finance newbies – it’s the best budgeting tool out there!

YNAB offers a 34 day free trial – and if you sign up with my referral link, I will get a free one month extension on my subscription:

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Credit Cards

These are some of the rewards credit cards I have – they all have good opening bonuses and decent rewards programs. We tend to put all of our eligible expenses through credit cards that maximize our travel rewards or cash back. We use these points to do really affordable trips and go on tours in new cities as we travel in the RV.

If you’re interested in “free” travel or rewards hacking some of these may be good cards to start with! Of course, I only recommend travel hacking with credit cards if you’re sure that you can responsibly manage credit cards and never overspend or carry a balance.

If you use one of my referral links, I will be compensated with rewards points for referring you. Click on the links to learn more about each card.

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Earn $200 cash back with Chase Freedom Unlimited.

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Chase Freedom Credit Card

Earn $200 bonus with Chase Freedom.

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Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

Have a small business? Earn $500 bonus cash back with Chase Ink Business Unlimited.

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Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card

Earn a 3 Free Night Award with the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card.

» Learn more

Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card

Earn a one-time $150 cash bonus once you spend $500 on purchases within 3 months from account opening

» Learn more

American Express Hilton Honors Credit Card

Earn 75,000 Hilton Honors Points after you use the card to make $1,000 in purchases within the first 3 months

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SoFi Money


I probably wouldn’t normally recommend this account, but SoFi currently has a promotion going on that may make it worthwhile.

SoFi Money is basically a high interest savings account that currently pays 1.6% interest. For every person I refer to the account I receive a $50 bonus, and the referred person receives a $50 bonus. This is a nice payout for both of us, especially considering it is an easy to open account with only 1 requirement: you must fund the account with $100. If you know a few people who may be interested in an account, you may be able to accrue a total bonus of a few hundred dollars by referring folks yourself after you’ve signed up.

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SoFi Invest


SoFi Invest allows you tobuy and sell stocks (and pieces of stocks) with zero fees. Open an Active Investing account with $1000 or more, and you’ll get $100 in stock (and so will I!).

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High Interest Money Account or Investments at Wealthfront


Wealthfront offers a high interest money account (similar to a savings account) with one of highest interest rates currently found in the industry. They also have a pretty good robo-advisor investment product, with some intitial investment balance managed for free. As part of my referral, we would each get an additional $5,000 invested fee-free for life. You may consider opening up a Wealthfront Money account just for the high interest yield.

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Lively Health Savings Account



Because I’m self employed, I buy health insurance from the marketplace. I choose a “health savings account” (HSA) eligible plan, so that I can have a HSA account. A HSA allows the contribution of pre-tax money every year. The money put into my HSA can be used for medical expenses, and can also be invested and grow over time. If you are in the market for a HSA, check out Lively – they offer a modern free account, with the option to invest funds through TD Ameritrade. If you sign up with my link, we each get a referral bonus in our accounts.

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Meal Planning with Plan to Eat


Every week we save time and money and reduce stress by planning meals – even in the RV we try to cook 95% of meals at home. This also helps us remember to eat our leftovers, as well as eat a healthier diet overall. The tool that makes this all possible is Plan to Eat. This is an online meal planning and shopping list app. It also works as a recipe database that holds all of our recipes for easy planning and review while cooking.

Plan to Eat is a paid app, but they will give you a free 30 day trial up front. If you use my referral link I will be compensated with 20% of your subscription fee.

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Internet and Business Tools


Secure Internet with ExpressVPN


While traveling you sometimes have to rely on an ever-changing variety of WiFi sources to stay productive and connected. To ensure your connection is private and secure, a VPN is almost required. ExpressVPN is a top rated provider who puts privacy first while remaining affordable, flexible, and fast. If you sign up for ExpressVPN with my link, we both get 30 days free.

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