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Our full-time RV life will likely be coming to a close in 2020 – we are planning to return home to Northern Colorado sometime in March. Because Carrie extended her current contract by 2 months we will be staying (relatively) warm in Northern California until the end of January, and after that we will have a bit of time to wander before the temperatures warm up enough to come back to Colorado.

This will be our 2nd year celebrating the holiday season alone together, and while it is nice in some ways, we are both excited to return to our home base where we have family, friends, and community. For Thanksgiving we were fortunate enough to be within driving distance of Carrie’s aunt and uncle in San Diego, and we really enjoyed staying at their house for a few days and having a great holiday with them and their other guests.

Because March is fast approaching, we’ve already started thinking about how to transition out of the RV life and back into a regular house. In an ideal situation we could do what we’ve done elsewhere on our travels and stay at an RV park on a monthly basis when we first arrive, while we shop for a home and get settled in. Unfortunately, anything within 60 miles of the Denver metro area is pretty packed when it comes to RV accomodations, including around Fort Collins.

There is a surprising lack of RV parks along the front range, and there is also high demand in the area with oil and gas workers, high housing costs, and other factors causing RV parks to be full. Many parks in Colorado don’t even offer monthly rates during the peak season and those that do have waitlists, so we wouldn’t really have any guaranteed options. There are a few state parks that should be bookable 14 days at a time, and we could maybe mooch off of family a bit more, but the options are really thin. Because of this, we have already started looking at properties online and could very well be buying a home before we even get to Colorado.

Our original plan was to move back into the house we already own, but as we’ve traveled and learned how much we enjoy RV life, we have concluded that it would be nice to have a place with a slightly larger property and more outdoor space. We hope to be able to either keep our current 5th wheel, or if we decide to sell it (because it’s so large), get another RV at some point and be able to store it on our property. We have really enjoyed our RV travels and can definitely see ourselves making RV trips a regular part of our lives in the future, so it would be great to have a place to park one at home.

Additionally, our existing house has worked out really well as a rental property for the past 1.5 years. This fact combined with our desire to live on a slightly larger property ourselves means it makes sense to keep renting the “old” house and start shopping for a new place. We would also really love to return the favor and offer up extra space on the property as hosts on Boondockers Welcome. Shopping for a home from out of state is a bit odd, but with technological advances and family and friends in the area willing to scout out places, we’re actually pretty confident in the process.

For the month of February we don’t have to be anywhere in particular because Carrie won’t be working, so we are tentatively planning to head south to the Arizona desert. Tons of RVers make their way to Arizona for the winter, and we’d like to spend some time there exploring before we end our trip. We hope to meet up with friends, make some new friends, and flex our last bit of mobility and freedom before returning to stationary life.

I have a feeling the next few months are going to fly by, and we will be home before we know it. It has been a lot of fun slow traveling the country and a part of me doesn’t want to stop, but at the same time I am ready to really reconnect to my community and life in Colorado. The prospect of a new home with lots of new projects to keep me busy is also surprisingly exciting. Please wish us luck in our travels in the new year, and if you have any recommendations for Arizona, let us know in the comments below!

P.S. I finally put some recommendations on my RV Gear & Recommendations page, so if you’re interested please check it out!

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