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As I sit down to write this post, we’ve been living and traveling in our trailer for exactly 2 months. When we first rolled out toward the north-east, we were hopeful that Carrie would quickly find work as a traveling PTA, but that did not happen. Consequently, a lot of our first 2 months was drastically different than we imagined, but in general we’ve been making the best of it (outside of minor panic attacks about changing plans and lack of income).

The lack of an immediate job assignment for Carrie allowed us to explore and be tourists more than we thought we might, and it gave us time to get used to living and traveling in the RV. We have practiced setting up and breaking down the rig so many times now that it’s become second nature.

We really enjoyed an extended visit to Maine, and we’ve slowly made our way south toward Maryland, staying in and seeing the sights in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. In many ways it’s been a pretty magical summer so far together.

Just recently, and after much hand wringing, Carrie landed her first travel job, and she started working last Monday. Most travel jobs are 13 weeks long, but they’ve asked her to stay on until January 5th – we’ll see what happens, as jobs don’t always go all the way through, but we’re both excited that she’s started to work again! We are moving to an RV park in Frederick, Maryland which is closer to her job this upcoming week, where we will hopefully stay until we head south.

I have been fitting in work where I can, and I am happy to say I have a decent number of clients and a pretty steady influx of potential new projects to keep me busy (as well as keep some income flowing). The biggest challenge is establishing a routine where I can be productive, while plans continue to change, and we’re anxious to explore the areas we are visiting.

We’re excited to be close enough to D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City for the possibility of weekend sight-seeing trips. I am looking forward to the prospect of being stationary for a few months so we can both establish better routines and focus more on work. Our new location is very close to a number of stores and restaurants, as well as Downtown Frederick. I think it will be nice to be within walking or biking distance of the gym, grocery stores, and other accommodations.

So far, we are finding the trailer to be very comfortable, and for the most part we “fit” in it – it has become home. Phoenix misses having a yard where he can roam free, but he has also adapted quite well. If we are still in the area as the weather gets colder we will have some unanticipated challenges preparing for winter weather and possible sub-zero temperatures, but we’re ready to experience fall and a bit of winter in Maryland!

The most unexpected thing so far is the wild emotional ride as plans change. I think that piece is making us both just a little more homesick (and missing our routines) than we expected when we set out – but that’s part of this unpredictable life we’ve chosen!

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