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After 5 months of mostly stationary living in Maryland, we happily moved South last week. My body wasn’t happy with two consecutive days of 5+ hours in the driver’s seat, but we were determined to leave Maryland’s below freezing temperatures behind in exchange for the more mild winter weather in Georgia.

Our first stop in the Peach State was a 3 night stay with a boondocking host outside of Savannah, at Miller Pond. The Millers (Ivey & Elaine) were warm, welcoming, and incredibly generous. They are retirees, and avid travelers. Ivey is a Vietnam veteran, and a former entrepreneur. Their home was bustling with a number of friendly dogs, nearby family members, and friends & neighbors coming and going. Within minutes of setting up our rig in their full hookup space, we were urged to settle in and make ourselves at home. Their serene property was fun to explore, and Phoenix took full advantage of the open space to roam, play kick with anyone who would participate, and chase the family’s pet ducks into the pond.

Over our brief stay with the Millers we hung out at their evening campfire twice, getting to know our hosts a little better, and we did a day trip to Savannah. While in Savannah we signed up for a walking “food tour” where we were introduced to a variety of tasty local food stops while also fitting in a bit of sight seeing and history. It turned out to be a lovely day to meander around historic Savannah, with plenty of sunshine and warm weather.

The rest of our time outside Savannah was spent relaxing, catching up on a bit of work, and recuperating from long travel days. I was happy to help Ivey copy some of his digital photos onto a USB storage drive, and Carrie shared a few of her home-made scented candles with the family. Everyone involved thought it was a fair trade for the bit of electricity and water we used during our stay. More than anything, we were grateful to have such friendly hosts who had the time and desire to get to know us better. We departed last Sunday with a standing invitation to come on back any time, and to get in touch about a more long-term stay if Carrie ends up with an assignment in the area.

On Sunday we drove the last 2 hours to our intended destination – St Marys Georgia, for some mooch-docking in the yard/driveway of my brother and parents’ shared home. Unfortunately, as we drove further south we moved into some unexpected rain, and when we arrived at the house the storm was just getting started. With the rain we weren’t super confident about our plans to position the trailer in the front yard, but after giving the yard a more thorough evaluation, and taking a peek at the upcoming forecast (more, heavier rain!), we decided to try and get the trailer into our intended spot before things got *really* wet. Unfortunately, I under-estimated the terrain, and we ended up getting stuck out in the yard.

We hit a soft spot that turned to mud under the weight of the truck and trailer, and we were quickly and thoroughly stuck. As dusk loomed closer the decision was made to sleep in the guest room and see the state of things the next day. Over night we received about 1.5 inches of rain, making the mud situation much worse than when we first ventured out into the grass. After 2 nights of staying in the guest room and letting the ground dry out we still couldn’t get the truck to move without professional help. I attempted to increase traction on all of the tires by spreading gravel, and we tried pulling the trailer backward with rope tied to one of my brother’s carpet cleaning vans, but we didn’t make a lot of progress. Luckily we are well insured and have RV roadside assistance coverage, so after I got over my pride, we were able to call Progressive and eventually get a tow truck to come winch us out. I learned a number of lessons, and we are now safely set up on the concrete driveway!

We have been at the family compound for 1 week, and we intend to stay at least another week. Carrie is currently on a short trip back to Colorado to visit, and awaiting word on her next work assignment. We are all hoping that she will get work soon, and that it will be relatively close to St Marys, so that we can visit often.

During these transition periods between jobs we experience more excitement, see new places, meet new people, and do more fun things – and we are very thankful for the opportunity to save some money and socialize by staying so close to family. Unfortunately, this can also be a time of increased anxiety about the “unknowns” in the future. Please wish us luck in finding a new assignment for Carrie soon, and in avoiding muddy fields in the future!

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