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As the year comes to a close, I have been spending more time than usual thinking back fondly of our travels over the summer, and the first “leg” of our RV trip. The first few weeks of our travels were especially exciting, as we figured out how to live in our RV and made our way east.

When we left Colorado on July 1st we had pre-booked campgrounds or accommodations for the first 10 days, ending just north of Niagara Falls at Four Mile Creek State Park. We moved fairly quickly across the country, and our first official “tourist” destination was Niagara Falls – neither Carrie or I had ever been, and we were excited to spend 3 days in the area, with 1 day reserved for exploring the falls.

Our campground turned out to be really nice – Niagara Falls is a popular RV destination during the summer, and even during our weekday stay the campground was fairly full of families in a huge variety of RVs, and a few tents. The campground sits right on the shores of Lake Ontario, with distant views of Toronto, and lots to explore nearby. Backing into our reserved space was a challenge with the 38 foot trailer (and it’s even harder as a “newbie” with a bunch of other folks standing around watching!), but we got situated and settled in. The spaces at Four Mile Creek are grass, and fairly wide – the campground reminded me of a city park with a bunch of RVs parked in the fields. There wasn’t a lot of tree coverage, but we did have an electric hookup that allowed us to run our air conditioner. The sites are “electric only”, but water spigots are scattered around the park allowing you to easily fill your water tank, and they had 2 dump stations available. Cell phone and internet coverage on Sprint/T-Mobile was just *barely* out of reach (even with a cell signal booster), so when we were at the campground we spent a lot of time taking Phoenix on walks, I biked around a bit, and we had a campfire. Really, it was an idyllic few days of luxurious summer-time “camping.”

We also really enjoyed the day we spent at Niagara Falls. The falls are shared between the U.S. and Canada, and we parked on the U.S. “side” and walked over to the Canadian side, exploring along the way. We had to wait a while to pass through the border crossing checkpoint on the far side of the Rainbow International Bridge, but we made it into Canada with plenty of time to catch a boat tour into the heart of Horseshoe Falls – the largest of the three¬† waterfalls that form Niagara Falls. The weather was really beautiful, and the intensity of the falls was a fun thing to experience up close.

After our boat tour, we went for a buffet dinner at the top of Skylon tower, with an incredible view of the Niagara River.

Our visit to this iconic landmark and natural wonder was the perfect way to start out our summer of RV wandering. Now that we are more settled into a location and our weekly routines, I find myself yearning for a little bit more of the adventure that overwhelmed us for our first 2 months on the road.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the awesomeness that has allowed us to try out this lifestyle and experience a few adventures along the way, and I want to wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year! Here’s to hoping that 2019 is just as great as 2018 ended up.

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