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We have really enjoyed our last 3 months in North-east Alabama / North-west Georgia. When we first booked our stay here, I was apprehensive that it would be too rural and too disconnected from the rest of the world, but it has proven to be a great place to spend the Spring.

It was fun to get to know Weiss Lake, make friends with some of our neighbors, as well as explore some of the nearby towns and neighboring states. We both feel like we’ve spent some quality time in the quiet and serene surroundings we were fortunate enough to stumble upon. It is amazing to me how my surroundings and the weather can drastically change my perceptions, but it has been easier staying here than anywhere else so far. Carrie has really enjoyed the facility she’s worked at for the past few months, and it is a little bittersweet to be moving on; we’ve found that when you discover a great place, it is tempting to stay longer than planned. Despite our desire to extend our stay, we are also itching to finally start heading West (more on that in a bit).

A Visit From Mom and Dad

We were also fortunate enough to host my parents for a few days last month – our campground has a really convenient on-site motel, and they drove ~8 hours to come stay for a few days, visit, and explore. The highlight of their visit was probably our scenic drive on Little River Canyon Parkway, where we all got to experience getting a bit lost, as well as driving down the steepest and scariest segment of road I’ve ever had the pleasure to drive on (sorry, I don’t have a pic, too busy white-knuckling the steering wheel!). The views of the canyon were also pretty cool, and we were happy to have this nature preserve so close by while we were in the area.

We hung out, enjoyed the beautiful weather and the idyllic surroundings, and had fun together. Mom and I also went out one afternoon and scored quite a few awesome pieces from the lake for her new hobby of mounting orchids on driftwood.

Gosling Nursery

Another pleasant springtime surprise here at the lake were all of the new goose families! I’ve often wondered where all the geese were migrating to in the fall, and I think maybe we found the location. Right around the time of my parent’s visit, I started to notice gobs of gaggles of geese with newborn goslings running around. It has been fun to watch father and mother goose teach their kids about the world, and it’s amazing how quickly they’ve gotten bigger physically and also grown in confidence. The lake and campground seem to be the perfect training grounds for newborn geese to learn about the world.

Meandering Toward Colorado

Carrie’s current job ends at the end of this upcoming week, and we are planning to depart next Monday. We are planning to visit home for a few weeks in early July (and attend my Gram’s 90th birthday party!), but first we will visit New Orleans, a few of Carrie’s family members in Texas, and hopefully Great Sand Dunes National Park. We will be moving every few days over the next few weeks, and hopefully arrive in Colorado at the end of June. I am both excited and apprehensive about hitting the road again – travel days can be exhausting, and moving often can be disorienting, but we have a lot of miles to traverse just to make it back to Colorado.

Extending the Adventure

It was a difficult decision, but Carrie and I have both concluded that we can’t end our travels quite yet. Our original plan had us tentatively returning home at the end of August or September. But, we had also hoped to explore all four corners of the country in 14 months, and as we’ve learned in this unpredictable lifestyle, things don’t always go to plan. As of today we’ve basically spent 11 months in the Eastern states. Because of this (and a few other reasons), we are planning to extend our trip by ~6 months, and return home next Spring.

It was an incredibly hard decision to make, because there are a lot of things about being home in our community that we miss dearly, but it feels right to make this extension. We hope that after our stop-over in Colorado we will get a new assignment for Carrie somewhere in Oregon or California (or, if we’re lucky, possibly Colorado!). If we time it correctly, she can work two more 13 week assignments before Spring next year. Don’t worry though, I don’t think there’s much chance of either of us wanting to extend again – we miss home too much!

We will be in Colorado for a few jam-packed weeks (we have appointments, social events, and other things to attend to), but if you’re hoping to see us while we’re in town send me a message and we can try to arrange something! In the meantime, please wish us luck on the road and if you have any awesome tips for visiting New Orleans please let us know!

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