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So…. you may be wondering a little bit more about this RV-living choice we’ve made! Let me fill you in.

Sometime about a year ago Carrie and I started tentatively (but seriously) discussing the possibility of living and traveling in an RV for a year. I have been fascinated with the non-traditional RV living lifestyle for quite a while, and if you haven’t noticed, it’s also quite trendy. Part of me is also an aspiring minimalist, and I’ve always wanted to take the leap and try out self-employment – both pursuits that align well with a life in an RV. It seemed Carrie’s career as a physical therapy assistant would allow for a fairly easy transition to a “traveling” position, and we both loved the idea of exploring the United States a bit more. This adventure also seemed like a great way to inject some much needed change and challenge into our lives – so we eventually committed to actually DO it. We slowly sold each other on the feasibility, as our vague discussions evolved into actual planning.

Some RVers go out into the world with big dreams – to see all 50 states, or to visit every National Park. We didn’t have a lofty RVing goal inspiring us – rather we are just hoping to work on the road, living where Carrie’s job takes us, getting to know the areas where we land, and doing a few fun things in-between jobs.

Making the transition from dreaming and planning on paper to actually *buying* an RV, setting a start date, putting in notices at our jobs, downsizing our belongings, and renting out our house was incredibly difficult. Every concrete step we made toward this drastic lifestyle change came with a lot of anxiety and second-guessing (as well as a bit of excitement).

In April things really became real for me when we bought a truck and a 5th wheel trailer and I left my job. On July 1st our experimental “year on the road” started. Here is a post I shared with family and friends on Facebook after our first week:

“The past week has felt more like a month with everything we packed into it. Last Sunday we drove away from our Colorado home for the next 14 months as we started toward the east coast with our 5th wheel in tow – we stopped briefly in Hays Kansas, and barely made it to our campground at Wilson Lake the first night. It was a very long and exhausting first day, but we kept trucking. We stopped overnight in Missouri, spent a few nights in rural Indiana, and will make it to our first official “tourist” destination today: Niagara Falls.

We drove about 1600 miles in 1 week (you should see how much we spent on fuel!), and from this point forward we are going to slow our pace. It has been wonderful traveling with our home in tow, and my two favorite beings by my side – Carrie and Phoenix!

We are camped until Wednesday at Four Mile Creek State Park on the coast of Lake Ontario. This afternoon I am looking forward to walking across Rainbow International Bridge into Canada for the first time, taking in the raw power of nature at Niagara Falls, trying out a boat ride in the falls (thanks Chase Ultimate Rewards!), and feasting on crab legs and prime rib for dinner at the top of Skylon Tower.

The next week should be less intense, and hopefully in the next few days Carrie gets a work assignment in Maryland so we can focus on getting settled into a fixed location for the next 3 months – but until then, we’re embracing the opportunity to enjoy and explore.”

So now we’re part of the full-time RVing community and learning tons as we go along! We aren’t settled into Carrie’s first assignment yet, but we’re having a lot of fun exploring the north-east and enjoying this beautiful summer while we slowly make our way toward Maryland (the intended location for Carrie’s 1st assignment). On our way east from Colorado (home) we stopped at Niagara Falls, spent a few weeks in Maine, and stayed at many more campgrounds and with a few boondocking hosts. I hope to write some summary posts about some of the cool places we’ve visited (and will visit). Here are some of my Instagram posts from the past two months:

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