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In my last entry, I wrote about our plans to return home as temperatures warm up in Colorado. I am happy to report we’ve departed N. CA as planned and are now traveling a meandering path through the Southwest that will eventually bring us home. As I write today, we are positioned in the desert outside of Yuma, Arizona enjoying some quiet, nature, and sunshine.

This Sunday morning is particularly quiet – there is a light breeze coming in the windows and there are no other sounds. I realized as I was waiting for my coffee to brew earlier that this level of silence is rare in my life, and I am now consciously avoiding starting the generator for as long as possible to make it last. Phoenix and I enjoyed another long walk in the morning sun exploring the dry washes and unfamiliar landscape around us. A few minutes ago I learned that attempting a morning meditation after drinking a cup of coffee isn’t a great idea – but I figured while my brain is racing it would be fitting to write and organize my thoughts a bit.

Back home in Colorado the temperatures are in the teens and 20s with a healthy dose of snow, so we can’t quite make our way home yet. While we anxiously wait for Spring to arrive I am trying to stay focused on living in the moment and enjoying when and where we are now. It is easy to get excited and start thinking of future plans, but I want to really enjoy the last few weeks/month of our fulltime RV life. The last few days mark our first official off-grid living (“boondocking”) in the trailer. We arrived in our current location on Wednesday with a full tank of water, our generator, and all of the supplies we need to stay here about a week.

We met friends who were already here for a few days before our arrival and they are helping introduce us to the wonders of boondocking for free on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. I can’t believe it took us a year and a half to finally give it a try. It is a completely different experience from being in a campground or RV park, but with enough preparation it is very comfortable. Aside from ensuring a good mobile signal for internet, using our water sparingly is the most important factor. When we run low on water we will have to move again. I am able to work as usual, and we have all of the normal comforts – we just have to plan and conserve a little bit more than usual. My “optimizer” personality is really enjoying the challenge. The weather has been almost perfect, and even in the mid-day sun we haven’t wanted to turn on the air conditioner.

On Friday evening we were fortunate enough to attend a nearby free astronomy presentation put on by the awesome people at Geoastro RV. Their passion for sharing amateur astronomy is amazing, and I really appreciated the opportunity to hang out with them for a few hours and learn about the stars. Their entirely off–grid RV setup is also incredibly cool, and was fun to check out. They had 4 different telescopes available, and each was used to look at a variety of things from the Orion Nebula to globular clusters. I wish the moon hadn’t been nearly full because the light pollution made it more difficult to see some of the more interesting deep space objects, but at least we also got some really cool views of the moon itself!

Our tentative travel plans after we leave this spot are to make our way east through Arizona toward New Mexico over the next few weeks. Before we head out, Carrie and I will be visiting the town just across the border in Mexico, Los Algodones. Los Algodones is a well known destination for professional affordable dental care. We were referred to a few great dentists by fellow RVers, and we’re excited to go check out the town and get our teeth cleaned for $30 (if you’re interested in learning more, check out this blog post). We also hope to get some street tacos, and possibly pick up a bottle or two of affordable tequila.

When we return home we are very excited that we will have a new house waiting for us. With the help of some awesome people we have successfully found a nice home in Severance, just east of Fort Collins. Carrie and I are both incredibly excited to move in, re-establish our lives in Colorado, and see family and friends! Our new home has a fairly large yard (room to park an RV or two), no HOA, and lots of cool features. I am particularly excited to become an active host on Boondockers Welcome and have RV guests stay a few days with us as they travel through Colorado. Our stays with BW hosts have been some of our favorite memories RVing over the past 1.5 years, and I am energized to finally give back to the community.

If you’re in Colorado, I hope to see you soon – and no matter where you are make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram account over the next month as I tend to post more photos when we’re on the move. Happy trails!

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