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Settled in Sonoma County

After a summer of trekking across the country, we’ve arrived in California! As I briefly mentioned in my last post we landed at our destination for the next few months at the end of July and Carrie immediately started working at a new job. She was about to turn down the position due to a lack of available accommodations (we spent days running down every possible lead), but at the very last second we found a campground where we could stay for an initial 2 weeks, and be only 3rd in line for a monthly site. In our first two weeks here we were lucky enough to get off the wait-list and into a really nice monthly spot at the back of the campground. We will likely be here until the end of November, our longest stay in any location so far – but already the time is flying by. The campground is nestled in the hills above Cloverdale California, a nice small town north of San Francisco, surrounded by wineries. The Russian River flows right past the campground. It’s a very nice area that we’ve just started to begin to explore, and we’re excited to see some of the unique things in the region while we’re here.

The campground itself is fairly old and somewhat outdated compared to newer RV campgrounds, but it has a unique charm. For example, it only has 30 amp power connections at all of the sites, meaning we are unable to run both of our air conditioners at the same time, but it has lots of mature trees and we’re in partial shade for most of the day. If we’re not careful we may occasionally trip the breaker when microwaving something or switching too many other things on at the same time. We also don’t have a sewer hookup, so every few days I am running back and forth to the dump station with our tote tank. Despite these drawbacks this is one of the more affordable campgrounds we found in Northern California and I think we’re lucky that we found a place to stay at all while Carrie works this job.

Carrie’s job is as a “home health” PTA, her first experience traveling around and treating patients in their own homes. She has had some challenges in adapting to the home health job requirements, and she has been dealing with some heightened anxiety, but she is learning a lot and getting a good foundation of home health experience so she can decide whether she likes this type of job for the future.

My work continues to be consistent and well balanced – I am ecstatic every month when I can cover my expenses, help people with their marketing, save a bit, and still have time for things outside of client work. I am enjoying ongoing work with some really great people, and I love the variety of new requests and projects trickling in over time. I am still struggling at times with bouts of procrastination, but I think I am getting better at structuring my time to better serve my goals.

Our brief visit home last month really highlighted the solitude and homesickness that we’re both feeling on this trip, but I think we’re both happy to have another 6 months to get to know the west coast and wrap up our RV travels in style.

Mouse Wars

We’ve dealt with our fair share of minor RV issues, but in general we’ve been pretty lucky with our trailer over the past year. Unfortunately, we’ve recently seen evidence of something a lot of RVers deal with: mice in the trailer.

While moochdocking at my aunt and uncle’s house in Longmont we caught a few mice who snuck into our trailer from the surrounding fields; I thought that issue was resolved when we left Colorado, but we either brought some mice with us, or we’ve had a few infiltrate our pantry since arriving in California. Either way, we cleaned out the pantry and moved everything to hard-sided sealed containers, and implemented a number of other anti-mouse defenses throughout. I am fairly confident that we’ve eliminated them for now, but we now have traps set 24/7, and we’re keeping our eyes peeled – especially as the weather cools down and our warm trailer looks more inviting. Thankfully there are also a number of cats roaming the campground, which should help keep them away.

Fitness Update

In my last post I re-committed to making fitness a core focus in my life. Thankfully, our new location has been absolutely great in helping me live up to this commitment and reach my goals. Nearly every day has had beautiful weather – sunny, calm, and only occasionally too hot to get outside. Our campground has enough loops and paths to keep Phoenix and I busy walking, and Cloverdale has an Anytime Fitness that I’ve been successfully biking to. The last month has gone really well, and I think I’ve pretty much reached my specific goals:


  • According to my Fitbit tracker, my daily average steps over the past month is 8,819 – ~300 steps more than my goal of 8,500/day
  • I’ve been on the bike at least twice a week – and in the past few weeks, those rides have been round trip visits to the gym for weight lifting
  • I haven’t done many home workouts, but I am happy with my frequency of workouts at the gym
  • We haven’t gone on any real hikes yet, but Carrie and I did walk around the really cool Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve a few weeks back

In the next few weeks we are planning a day trip to San Francisco, and I am really looking forward to an autumn full of new experiences in Northern California! If you have any suggestions for things we should check out in the area, please let us know – and hopefully I will have fun things to share with you all over the next few months!

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