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My last post mentioned that Carrie had just started a new position and we were moving to Frederick, Maryland. It’s been a while since I’ve written, so let me catch you up on the ups and downs of the last two months. Shortly after writing that post, we moved our trailer to Frederick as planned and settled in for a long stay. Unfortunately, after only a few weeks on the job they ended Carrie’s gig early, and she worked a total of 5 weeks.

We felt short-changed. We were excited about spending 4 months in Frederick – it is a very cool town, Carrie was happy to be working again, and after 2 months of roaming we looked forward to being stationary for a while. Of course, if there is anything we’re learning on this trip it’s that planning ahead is difficult and almost a fool’s errand – going with the flow is the name of the game.

For a few weeks we waited to hear if Carrie’s recruiter could find a replacement job for her, ideally keeping us in the area and on a similar time-frame. We were just about to give up on another job in Maryland and start to prepare for a move south when another job came through. So now it looks like we will be staying in Maryland, but will have to move into the traffic mess that is the D.C. area, as the new job is a bit too far from Frederick to commute. RV accommodations are sparse and expensive but we thankfully have a few options. It will be easy enough to move an hour away, and we still have time to explore more of D.C., the eastern half of the state, and more of the north-east. We are also still excited about the idea of a weekend trip to New York City at some point before we leave.

Because winter will be here soon we have some work to do to get the trailer ready for freezing temperatures, but otherwise life rolls on and we will hopefully both be working hard over the next few months!

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