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Well, our RV living adventure has officially come to an end. A lot has happened since February – we traveled as planned through Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado to our new home in Severance, CO. We were moving at a rapid pace to avoid winter weather, but we still tried our best to check out the places we were passing through and really enjoy our last days on the road.

After arriving home, we parked the trailer in the driveway while we moved into the house. Moving back into a house was pretty easy with the minimal belongings we had with us in the RV. Of course, we weren’t exactly comfortable until we also found deals on living room seating, a dining table, a work desk, and a few other essential pieces of furniture. Luckily we quickly found all of the essentials and also moved everything we had in storage over to the new place, and we’ve been comfortably living here for about 2 months.

We didn’t know it, but our return to stationary life seems to have been perfectly timed. I am happy that we aren’t still full-timing in the RV during this global pandemic. Full time RV life requires a lot of planning, especially if you move around every few months (or more often). I know that trying to plan RV stops with businesses shut down and travel being discouraged would be even more difficult. Many full time RVers have struggled in the past few months to find places to live safely while trying to avoid unnecessary interaction and travel. We arrived at our new home just in time to get settled in and comfortable enough to ride out the COVID-19 wave – sometimes you just get incredibly lucky!

As for the RV, we debated on various options but ultimately decided to sell it. By the first few weeks of March it was starting to become clear that we may want to try and find a buyer as soon as possible, so we quickly put in the work to get it cleaned from top to bottom and list it for sale online. While I don’t have a crystal ball, it seems to me we all have an inevitable rough road ahead economically, and I knew it would feel good to have an over-stocked emergency fund, rather than an un-used RV losing value in the backyard. Again, timing was on our side – selling an RV in the spring/early summer is generally easier than the rest of the year. We also priced it right – just below the market rate to encourage a quick sale. Because RVs depreciate so quickly, many people try to sell their old rig for much more than is realistic, and they end up losing money in the long run by having it sit for sale for months or years. This was one mistake I definitely wanted to avoid – fortunately we had quite a bit of interest after listing the RV for sale, and sold it pretty quickly to a young couple who were excited to find an RV home for themselves.

We were sad to see our home-on-wheels go, but also happy that it will continue on adventuring without us. We had some really great times traveling around the country in it, but it was time to let it go. For now we still own the gigantic truck, and it should come in handy for a number of home projects in the near future. We’ve also discussed the possibility of buying a smaller RV for short-term travel and vacationing in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Prepped and ready for the new owners to take her away!

Our final map of states visited on our RV adventure.

RV driving away with its new owners!

I have been lucky enough to continue running my business without much interruption (and with much more reliable internet). Carrie has been on the lookout for a new job, but with businesses shut down and huge parts of the medical system in flux, it seems there is a de-facto hiring freeze right now for PTAs, and no jobs have come available. At least we aren’t worrying about Carrie going out into the world every day, and we’re both able to stay home and stay safe.

Of course like most people, staying home 99% of the time is driving both of us a little crazy. Luckily we have more than ~300 square feet now to spread out, and there’s a seemingly endless list of projects to work on around the new house. Living in the RV taught me that I really enjoy having a home and a yard where I can tinker around on projects in the evenings and weekends. Some of you will laugh, but I actually missed mowing the lawn, gardening, and having an excuse to spend a few hours out working in the sunshine every week. It has also been fun to see the yard of our new house come alive this spring – we have lots of established plants including tulips, and rumor has it that we also have a fair number of plum trees.

Our current list of projects is a bit overwhelming, but we’re trying to keep a steady pace of work to make improvements and transform our new house into our forever home. I hope to share our progress with you here, in future posts. On the bright side, Phoenix absolutely loves his new home, and is happy we are done traveling so often. He is spoiled and has both of us home all day – to him 2020 is going great so far. 😊

While I had hoped to spend a lot more time catching up with friends and reconnecting with family and community here in Colorado after arriving home, we know we will get to do that eventually. We missed our home and community a lot while we were on the road, and social distancing right now is not easy, but we’ll make it. It feels good to be back to a place we love, even if we can’t fully enjoy it right now.

Lastly, I am excited to report that we have our first Boondockers Welcome guest confirmed and coming to stay in the backyard in a few weeks. Unfortunately we won’t be able to socialize as much as we may want to, but it feels great to give a fellow RVer a place to stay for a few days and give back to the community that so graciously hosted us over the past few years. We may not technically be RVers any longer, but we definitely discovered an appreciation for RV travel, and I believe it will be great to stay connected to the community until we’re ready to hit the road again in the future.

I hope you are happy, safe, and healthy out there, and maybe someday ya’ll will be invited over to see our new place for a delayed house warming party!

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