A Personal Blog About Full Time RVing, Entrepreneurship, & Intentional Living

Hi, I’m Kevin. Honestly, if you are reading this you probably already know who I am! But if you don’t… I am in my mid-30s and I hail from Colorado. I aspire to live a life guided by simple living principles. I’m a computer nerd. My interests include entrepreneurship, frugality, cloudscape photography & art, vegetable gardening, biking, personal finance, travel hacking, & helping cultivate local community. Professionally I am a digital marketing consultant.

My partner Carrie and I (as well as our beloved pup, Phoenix) are currently slow-traveling in an RV, while Carrie works short-term contracts as a physical therapy assistant, and I work for myself (check out my business site here: kevinudydigital.com).

We started this trip in July 2018, and hope to see a number of new places around the U.S. over roughly a year of work and travel. We hope that our destinations range to all 4 corners of the country, but ultimately we will go where Carrie is able to pick up assignments. Assignments in her industry are usually 3 months long, so we will likely be in 4 cities for 3 months each. Thankfully I can work from anywhere, and we can go where her work opportunities dictate.

At the urging of family and friends, and in an effort to practice my writing as well as cultivate more community for us while we’re away from our home, I’ve decided to write this blog. I have always liked writing and blogging, but I have to admit that I am nervous (and maybe a tiny bit excited) to share some of my personal life with the world. I will likely write a lot about our life in the RV, but I hope to also write about the challenges of self-employment, and my thoughts on simple living and intentional living. Who knows, I may even share some recipes and other random nonsense, and give the occasional un-solicited advice.

The name, Courage Above Comfort is inspired by a core value I try to embody – choosing courage (in the face of the unknown, anxiety, and failure) over comfort. Much of my internal struggles in life have been (and continue to be) related to pushing outside of my comfort zone, getting past irrational fear, embracing life as an adventure, and facing challenges with courage. I hope that our lives can be meaningful through challenge, connection with others, and intentional living. Join us as we strive to choose courage above comfort!

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