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I’ve written a bit about why we were drawn to full-time RV living, and shared a few pictures of our trailer, but I figured you wouldn’t mind a few more details!

When we started planning our move into an RV we knew we had to pick the right rig for comfort, maneuverability, durability, cost, and more. Obviously it’s a tough decision, and we considered a lot of options – but we finally decided we wanted a lightly used 5th wheel trailer. We liked a lot of 5th wheel models because they are so roomy, plus we figured the required tow vehicle would give us a way to get around once we detached the trailer, and in case of any engine troubles we wouldn’t lose our home during repairs. We wanted something fairly new and lightly used so that we wouldn’t have a lot of renovating and repairing to do to get moving. Towing (and backing up!) a big trailer is intimidating, so we looked at a range of smaller trailers, but finally ended up getting a fairly big one (38 feet long from bumper to hitch) after falling in love with the floor plan. We bought a used 2016 Jayco Eagle 339FLQS, nicknamed “The Starship Enterprise” by our neighbor Linda, here’s the layout:

The things we love about this model are the very nice and large separate kitchen (a lot of floor plans have cramped kitchen space that is somewhat shared with a living room area), a decent dining table that I can use as an office, lots of interior storage, and a “front” living room (most 5th wheels have the bedroom up front). The front living room is great because it gives us the feeling of a completely separate room and we don’t get in each other’s way as often.

Here are a few more photos (click/tap for a bigger view):

We bought a used 2014 Ford F-250 to tow the beast, and after debating back and forth we decided that Carrie would also follow along in her Toyota Corolla.

After living in the trailer for the past 5 months I think we chose really well; we’re very comfortable, the floor plan continues to work well for us, we are happy with the quality of the construction, and we have space for all of our “stuff.” I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable towing the trailer (but it still can be nerve-wracking), and it has fit in most of the places we’ve wanted to visit. It has proven to be a good choice for full-time living, and it has pretty easily become our home. What do you think about our choice? What RV style would you choose?

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