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A few weeks ago Carrie and I drove the 3 hours to visit Nashville from our current home base in North-east Alabama. Rather than move the trailer, we booked 2 nights at a hotel using reward points, and we dropped Phoenix off at a dog sitter on our way out of town. We inadvertently booked our stay on the same weekend that Nashville hosted the 2019 NFL draft, a marathon, and a Jimmy Buffet concert, but despite being a bit more crowded, we still had a good time exploring the city.

We roamed around downtown, ate lots of good food, visited the Johnny Cash Museum, did a tour and tasting at a whiskey distillery, and saw the sights on a “trolley” bus tour. It was definitely fun to stay in a big city for a few days and take a mini vacation.

Back home in Fort Collins we are fortunate to have a restaurant that serves delicious Nashville style hot chicken, Music City Hot Chicken. I really enjoy their food, and haven’t had it in months, so I was especially excited to try Nashville hot chicken from it’s birthplace. We ate at both Prince’s, and Hattie B’s – the two most popular hot chicken restaurants in the city. Both places have very tasty chicken, but I think Prince’s had a slightly better spice profile and texture. I can also now say that Music City Hot Chicken back home does an incredible job – their chicken rivals either of the restaurants we tried in Nashville, and they are more creative with sides, sauces, and other menu options. Because hot chicken is so hot right now, we had to wait quite a while at both locations to order/receive our food, something I’ve never had to do at MCHC. We’re definitely lucky to have them in Colorado! We also made sure to buy an extra serving of hot chicken to bring home and use as a pizza topping.

The Johnny Cash museum was pretty cool, with lots of memorabilia, interactive exhibits, and details about the musician’s career and life. My favorite area of the museum was near the end, where they talk about Cash’s late-life resurgence in popularity and they have some information and items from his acclaimed cover of and music video for the song “Hurt.”

While neither Carrie or I are bar-hopping partiers, we went downtown one of the evenings we were there to experience a bit of the infamous live music and vibrant night life. Drink prices were obnoxiously high, but it was a fun experience to wander around and see the city at night, especially since all of the roads in the area were still closed due to NFL draft celebrations. Even though we went out on Sunday evening, it was busy and the sound of bands rockin’ and crowds having fun poured from nearly every open window. 

We also were lucky enough to sit at a bar with a bartender who had time to chat for a bit, and we learned that her and her significant other *also* live in a travel trailer full-time. It was cool to run into another “RVer” in the wild and talk a bit about the lifestyle.

The distillery visit and the trolley tour allowed us to see more of the city, and learn some of the history of the town and it’s role in musical history. With such a short stay I am sure there are tons of things we missed out on, but we got a small taste of Nashville, and would love to go back some day.

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